tiger claw front pageThe star of the spoof YouTube comedy show about an arrogant karate instructor and his misfit students is taking the martial arts community by storm, one ‘kill-face’ at a time.

Master Ken and Enter the Dojo: The Web Series has become popular worldwide. Now, YOU can experience Master Ken up close and personal!

Ameri-Do-Te Performances

Host your very own Ameri-Do-Te performance and learn, first-hand, the "street lethal" defensive techniques of Ameri-Do-Te. A performance includes two-hours with Master Ken, photos, autographs and Ameri-Do-Te apparel.


What better way to acknowledge those who have contributed blood, sweat and tears to the martial arts than have Master Ken make fun of them? Master Ken walks on the the edge and leaves everyone wanting more!

Master of Ceremonies

A great way to lighten up any stuffy banquet. Master Ken leaves audiences in stitches with his quick wit and absurd humor. Your event will be the talk of the town for months!